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Experienced And Careful Handling Of DUI/DWI Cases

In either a misdemeanor or felony conviction, a first-time offense leads to fines and possibly even jail time. DUI can also lead to a license suspension and other driving-related restrictions. The penalties only become increasingly harsh for subsequent convictions. Most importantly, there are personal consequences following a drunk driving arrest which could lead to damage to your personal and professional reputation.

At Martens PLLC we will fight for you during every step of the legal process. The approach we take regarding your case will depend upon your individual circumstances. As a lawyer who understands North Dakota courts, attorney James W. Martens anticipates the approach prosecutors will take concerning your case. Due to this, he can negotiate a plea deal to reduce or eliminate the charges. In the event no suitable deal is available, attorney Martens is always ready to try your case in court.

Looking Out For The Needs Of Those We Represent

We at Martens PLLC are always respectful regarding the circumstances of those we represent. Our criminal defense and DUI experience place us in the best position for advising and guiding you through the entire legal process. We listen to your concerns. Because we prepare every case as if it were going to trial, we inspire trust in those we represent.

We understand the science surrounding DUI cases. This allows for us to challenge the results of blood and breath tests and field sobriety tests. We also fight to protect your rights and will challenge traffic stops where there was no probable cause, improper searches and seizures of your vehicle and invasive testing that violates your rights to privacy.

Resources And Staff To Assist You

Our law office has access to investigators and experts who can help out on your case. These professionals can find out what occurred, and testify at trial about discrepancies regarding test results.

Most importantly, at our office we have an attorney who understands this area of law, knows how to examine and cross-examine witnesses at trial and who can provide you your best possible chance for acquittal.

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We do what is necessary to provide assurances and inspire trust. To contact Martens PLLC, please call toll free 888-307-1302 to set up a free consultation. We offer affordable payment options and flexible scheduling to meet our clients’ varied needs.

Martens PLLC Attorney At Law


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