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North Dakota COVID Emergency Rent Bridge

On Behalf of | May 1, 2020 | Blog, Real Estate Law

Our clients and friends who either own rental properties or who are renters themselves should be aware of a new program recently made available through the North Dakota Department of Human Services, in coordination with Department of Commerce, Department of Labor and Human Rights, Housing Finance Agency, Department of Health, Department of Emergency Services, and the Bank of North Dakota, to assist those who are unable to pay rent (and risk potential eviction) due to a substantial loss of income resulting from COVID-19, known as the COVID-19 Emergency Rent Bridge.

Online applications will be available through the link above beginning May 2, 2020.  It also outlines the five-step application and approval process for those in need of such assistance who qualify.

Eligibility is restricted to households with income at or below 60% of the area median income adjusted for household size and county of residence.  Income determination includes earned and unearned income, including unemployment benefits received. Applicants must have applied for LIHEAP and unemployment insurance (if applicable), have a current lease, and not have cash assets totaling more than 3 months’ rent. Applicants will be responsible for paying 30% of their total monthly income towards their housing costs. The rent bridge will pay the difference between total rent due and the tenant portion of rent, up to the maximum rent limits for each community. Households with rent payments that are at or below 30% of their monthly income will not be eligible for assistance.

DHS has more information about the COVID Emergency Rent Bridge, and other programs to assist those who are facing financial difficulties due C19 through their COVID-19 website, and more information concerning other resources can be found on the ND Response website.