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Keep your “Holiday Cheer” from Resulting in “Holiday Jeer”

On Behalf of | Dec 1, 2017 | Blog, Business Law

Last month, we shared some sage advice to help your Thanksgiving guests avoid needing to hire us to get out of the dreaded “whisky ticket” – hopefully they were thankful.  Now that we’re into December – “the most wonderful time of the year” –  with family, work, and other social gatherings set in the coming weeks that advice is even more important to heed.

DUI, however, is only one of a number of things that could go wrong with your holiday season.  While we certainly don’t want to be the Scrooge in your Christmas Story, we want to make sure our friends and clients avoid other things that could go wrong with the holidays – keep that well intended “holiday cheer” from resulting in “holiday jeer” if you will.

A colleague from Minnesota shared a piece written by two of his partners with me the other day that I consider to be full of good advice in general for the holiday party season, regardless of whether you own the company, or just work there.  While the advice is generally aimed at business owners, managers, and human resources directors, the potential pitfalls of overimbibing in holiday cheer are dangers for us all to heed.  After all, nobody wants to be remembered as a key player in “The Holiday Party from Hell” or end up as another “me too” story on social media.

Please enjoy the article and have a safe holiday season.  Hopefully, the Grinch won’t try to steal your Christmas, but if he does, please feel free give us a call so we can hopefully help you have a happy New Year.