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Tips to keep Thanksgiving guests from driving drunk

On Behalf of | Nov 9, 2017 | Uncategorized

As the weather gets colder and the ground starts to freeze, families come together for the holiday season. As we fill our plates with turkey and mashed potatoes, the wine is often flowing as well. There’s a lot to be thankful for, but sometimes the celebration goes too far.

If you’re hosting friends and families over Thanksgiving, you want to throw a great party without anybody getting hurt. According to the CDC, roughly 30 people die in an alcohol-related crash each day. This number rises on holidays. Thanksgiving is the busiest travel weekend of the year.

Keeping guests safe on the roads

We’ve compiled some tips to help keep your guests from driving home after too much alcohol. Keeping everybody stuffed during Thanksgiving meal usually isn’t a problem, but when the party goes into the evening it’s a bit different.

When serving cocktails or other alcohol, considering these options:

  • Have plenty of food available as guests drink
  • Provide a selection of non-alcoholic beverages
  • Alternate alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks to slow down consumption
  • Close your party by removing alcoholic drinks and replacing with coffee, water and snacks
  • Arrange alternate transportation, such as a designated driver and resources for taxis or ridesharing services

Keeping the holidays positive

Thanksgiving and other holidays times of celebration, not remorse for a reckless act. Drunk driving is a serious crime that causes real hardship for its victims. While many people arrested for DUI are breaking the law, a citation itself is not a measure of guilt. DUI tests are flawed and if you or someone you know has been accused of DUI, they should consult with an attorney to review their case.